(California Consumer Protection Act)

January 1st 2020 was the dawn of a new era within data protection law within the US. Consumers in California now have the right to protect their own data and decide how companies use and earn from ones information.

Similar to the European GDPR, the CCPA is law. Therefore companies have to ensure that consumer expectations are met and the advice given is clear and concise. We at Logic Document are here to help both companies and consumers alike to ensure data is collected stored, shared or sold with the legal framework set out within the CCPA.

California Consumer Protection Act


All packages include:

Basic Shield Pack


*Billed annually

Pro Shield Pack


*Billed annually

Ultra Pro Shield Pack


*Billed annually
Package 1
$ 258 *per month/billed annually
  • USD
  • Privacy Policy
  • Quarterly DPIA
  • Risk Overview
  • Ongoing advice and support

Package 2

$ 648 *per month/billed annually
  • USD
  • All of Package 1
  • SAR Training
  • DPIA Training
  • Employment Policy Review
  • Employee Handbook Review
  • Processor Agreements
  • DPO Registration

Package 3

$ 3244 *per month/billed annually
  • USD
  • All of Package 2
  • International processor Agreements
  • Staff Training
  • SAR Management
  • Monthly Department DPIA’s
  • Workshop Training

Help my business comply

We can help your business become compliant.

They have given us comfort in knowing we are totally compliant for both us and our clients and will not be hit with unnecessary fines.

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